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Magic Water Balloons

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Each bunch can be hooked up to a hose and filled in seconds. Save hours of time filling and tying every water balloons.
Easy to use for kids and safe. Perfect for summer time fun, outdoor games, water balloon fights, and more.
When the balloons reach the desired size just pull up on straws and the balloons drop into bucket and automatically seal and are ready for action.

How to Use:
Connect the magic balloons attachment to a hose.
Hold the hose with the magic balloons over the bucket and turn on the water. The balloons will fill up in seconds.
Once full, turn off and just give the balloons a gentle shake. (This will automatically tie the water balloons.)
Gather the troops for a water balloon war.

Type: Water Balloons
Material: Plastic + Latex Balloons
Occasions: Outdoor, Beach
Style: Pipe Cover in One Set + Water Injection Joint
Quantity: One Set = 3 Bunch x 37Pcs = 111Pcs
The color of balloon and water pipe will be sent randomly.
Package Includes:
111 x Water Balloons

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6 in stock